our menu




Our food items change weekly but the concept stays the same: simple yet delicious.


Sandwich of the Week – 8.5€

Weekly changing sandwich served with side salad. 


Vegetarian Dish of the Week – 11€

Weekly changing vegetarian main dish. Large portions, perfect for lunch.


Cakes of the Week – €4.5

Sold by the slice to pair perfectly with a coffee or as a dessert. Dairy + Vegan options available daily.


Cookie of the Week – 3€

Weekly changing cookie, simple and classic.


Savoury Snack – 4€

Weekly changing savoury snack served with an accompanying sauce. A perfect starter.


Cheese Platter – 15€

5 cheese platter served with cornichons and quince jelly.


Saussicon – 10€

Delicious dried saussicon served with cornichons and bread. 


All food made in-house by Les Deux Chouettes.




Coffees and hot drinks to start your day!


Espresso – 2€

Single espresso shot.


Allongé – 2.5€

Single shot poured over hot water.


Filter Coffee – 3.5€

Mug of drip coffee served in mug.


Noisette – 2.5€

Single shot with steamed milk, served in 9cl glass.


Latte – 4€

Single shot of espresso with foamy steamed milk.


Flat White – 4€

Single shot of espresso with thin steamed milk.


Hot Chocolate – 4€

Housemade chocolate syrup with foamy steamed milk.


Chai Latte – 4€

Chai mix by Loomi with foamy steamed milk.


Coffee beans supplied by Café 366, roasted in Paris.




Delicious selection of teas to warm you up!


English Breakfast – 3/5€

Yorkshire brand, a classic. A proper cuppa!


Earl Grey – 4/7€

Mix of black tea infused with bergamot. Balanced with notes of blueberries.


Sencha Kagoshima – 4/7€

Well rounded green tea produced in the volcanic region of Sakurajima, Japan.


Jasmine Chung Hao – 4/7€

Chinese green tea produced using traditional methods with aromas of jasmine.


Roiboos  – 4/7€

Decaffeinated red tea produced with vanilla pods and infused with bourbon. 


Blue Thai – 4/7€

Traditionally produced Thai tea from Jin Huan trees, light with flowery notes.


Loose leaf tea supplied by La Partie du The, Paris 11.




Fresh drinks to quench your thirst!


Seasonal Pressed Juice – 5€

Fresh seasonal juice pressed daily made from combination of complimentary fruits. 30cl


Seasonal Nectar Juice – 5€

Thick, sweet nectar of seasonal fruits. 25cl


Apple Juice – 5€

Sweet and refreshing, perfect to please your palate. 25cl


Iced Infusion – 4€

Seasonal Infusions served with ice. Refreshing and delicious. 25cl


Kombucha – 5.5€

In multiple flavours, good for your stomach and refreshing! 25cl


Pressed juices supplied by our friends at Pressé, Paris 11.

Infusions and other juices produced by La Boissonerie de Paris, St. Denis.

Kombucha brewed by the dudes at Vivant, Paris 19.




Time to get the party started!


Pale Ale on Tap – 3.5/6.5€

Refreshing pale ale with mild fruity notes, a lovely craft beer! 4.5%


IPA on Tap – 3.5/6.5€

India pale ale with explosive notes of citrus and tropical fruits. 6.5%


Seasonal Craft Beer by the Bottle – 6€

Choice of two seasonal craft beers from our neighbours at MIR.


Natural Wine (Red/White) – 5€/25€

Delicious and well tested natural wines by the glass or bottle.


Natural Wine (Orange) – 6€/27€

Refreshing and explosive in flavour. Something different.


Stolen Spritz – 8€

Cinzano mixed with prosecco extra sec, finished with olives. Try it our way.


Lillet du Pré – 8€

Lillet Rouge mixed with pressed lime and tonic. Finished with mint and a crackle of pepper.


Bellini du Garage – 8€

Seasonal nectar juice mixed with prosecco extra sec.


Cider Extra Brut – 6€

Artisinal cider made from 100% pure juice, truly refreshing. Extra brut.


Prosecco by the Glass – 7€

Prosecco extra sec DOC served in a flute.


Beer on tap provided by La Brasserie Grand Paris, St. Denis.

Bottled beer provided by MIR brasserie, Romainville.

Natural Wine sourced by La Pantinoise, Pantin.


Here at Stolen Garage we don’t just do bikes. Our large café space also boasts an impressive menu of locally sourced drinks and house made food. Working with only producers we know and trust we aim to serve great products with impeccable service. Our food menu changes weekly and includes breakfast, lunch and evening options. All food items are made in-house by Marion + Justine of Les Deux Chouettes. Fancy a drink in the evening? We have a French Licence III for the sale of alcohol. Come and try some of our delicious cocktails or locally sourced beer paired with a delicious cheese platter. We look forward to welcoming you soon!