Ordering & Pricing


It’s here where your ideas become a reality. It’s here where we put our know-how, expertise and experience to work in order to create your dream bike.

Here are the steps of our process and an idea of our price range to guide you through your order. If you’re interested we would be delighted to start talking through your project with you.


Understand what it is you’re looking for

It’s the base of any project, to know why you need a custom bike, what you will be using it for and how you imagine it. We’d love to welcome you to the garage to discuss your dream bike with you. If you can’t make it in person, your appointment can be organised by telephone or video conference.


As a function of our chat and your needs we’ll draw you up an estimated pricing.


Once all parties are happy with the price, you’ll be asked to send us a non refundable deposit of 30%, to be placed on our production waiting list and launch orders. At this point you will be given an accurate estimation of the production time.


You can do a bike fit in house at the garage or with a professional bike fitter of your choice. We will also transfer you a full list of measurements to be completed at home and around this time we’ll send you a first idea of your fitting.

Design & painting

We will get back to you a month before production to validate your final geometry, list of components and custom paint design. After we will send you a quote for the chosen components which will need to be paid for in full.


This is where the fun starts! The bespoke frame building, an excellent paint finish and the choice and mounting of the right components are all part of the process that requires skill, passion and precision. This phase requires about 2 months to be completed and begins when we receive an installment of 50% of the overall bill.


We’d ideally like to deliver your bike directly into your hands at the garage, but if you can’t make it all the way to us we can send your bike anywhere in the world. The amount remaining of your account will be billed when you collect your bike or upon expedition.


We prefer to source all the components for your frame ourselves. This ensures a true compatibility and seamless fit. We have accounts with the majority of suppliers, permitting us to know availability and propose competitive prices. If you would like to source parts yourself, the entirety of the parts must be delivered before production starts on your frame. 


The prices indicated are the base prices including VAT, giving you an idea of the budget necessary for a custom frame build. Prices are susceptible to change depending on your specific needs. 


  • Full build – Columbus Zona / Life / Max / Spirit HSS
    from 4500€
  • Full build – Columbus XCR
    from 5500€
  • Frame – Columbus Zona / Life / Max / Spirit HSS
    from 2500€
  • Frame – Columbus XCR
    from 3400€


  • Internal cable passage
    50€ each
  • Internal cable passages for e-shifter package
  • IS / post mount disc brake mounting
  • Flat mount disc brake mounting
  • Stainless S&S couplers installation
    from 850€


  • Road/touring fork*
  • Disc fork*
    starting at 400€
  • Carbon fork
    prices on demand


  • Media blasting / hand sanding for carbon
    100€ / 200€
  • 1 colour all-over
    1 brand / 1 logo / 1 text of the same color
  • Two colours with simple patterns
    1 brand / 1 logo / 1 text of the same color
  • Multicoloured and/or intricate patterns
    A collaboration to create a design that suits your wishes
    starting at 600€