Here at Stolen we make hand crafted bikes with passion. We create all types of bikes never straying from our core values of quality and durability.

Every frame and fork is a unique project tailored to the specific needs and desires of our customers.  Our frames are made to last a lifetime.

We have our own painting studio to ensure a high quality and unique finish for your frame. Our made-to-measure accessories ensure every rider can have their unique, dream setup.


We welcome you to visit our shop space. Opened in April 2023 it is one of the world’s first ‘open kitchen’ style framebuilding shop spaces. Our space is divided into two zones by an enormous soundproof window.

On one side of the window is our café, here serve speciality coffee, delicious housemade food and locally sourced products. You have the choice of seating inside on tables, by the window on a bar our outside on our large terrace. This space also includes our bike shop in which we sell all the products we love and everything we deem necessary to aide your cycling experience.

On the other side of the window is our frame production, bike workshop and paint booth. This is where we make our bikes, from A to Z, all in house. We invite you to come and enjoy a coffee whilst you watch your new custom frame being made before your very eyes.



After a learning and perfecting our trade at the Quintessential Customs Workshop we have been extremely passionate about painting the framesets we produce. Our goal is simple, perfection over each process: fabrication, painting and build of each project.

Each paint-job is completely unique and carried out under the utmost precision and attention-to-detail.

Do you have an idea or a particular need? We’d be delighted to help.

A question?


Fin, Luca & Paul are three friends who share the same passion for bikes. Three friends who decided to create Garage Stolen together.

The team met each other ten years ago on bike polo courts across the world. Today we’re proud to start a multiculturally rich business with a team that’s Anglo-French, English and French.

All believing that bikes are the future, wanting to open a hybrid, friendly and welcoming space to share their passion and favourite form of transport.


Luca is responsible for the front-of-house which consists of our shop and café. Immersing himself in cycling culture from a young age, he’s a French, European and World bike polo champion. He’s been working in, and managing, both cafés and restaurants since his teens and is a graduate of London Southbank University with a first class honours degree in Media. It’s thanks to Luca that you can follow our daily adventures on Instagram.


Fin is our leader and guru for the frame-building and paintshop. A passionate cyclist and bicycle activist, including bike polo, he opened a bike co-op in Birmingham when he was 25. A mechanic since 2010, his passion for the artisanal side of bicycles quickly developed and he went on to complete several diplomas in frame-building, welding and painting at The Bicycle Academy and Quinntessential before perfecting his skills at Victoire Cycles.


Paul looks after the management, marketing and development of Stolen, making sure that everyone in the team can put their time and energy into what they’re good at. Passionate about bikes and sports in general since a young age, he is also a French, European, and World bike polo champion.