la petite histoire

Bastien’s randonneur is designed for endurance, whether it’s undertaking long hikes in the Celtic region with Mylène, tackling ultra-distance races like the North Cape, or simply spending a weekend with friends. Sporty yet robust, Bastien’s bike features a balanced geometry that ensures comfort without sacrificing performance.

While this handlebar may seem unconventional at first glance, its performance speaks for itself. It offers superior handling and increased comfort compared to traditional handlebars.
With generous space for tires up to 44mm, this bike will conquer any road, regardless of type or condition. And thanks to the perfect marriage of the Sram GX groupset and the rival Sram crankset, the ride will be all the better for it.
The versatility of the Sram AXS groupset means Bastien could one day switch to drop handlebars and finally have what most people can only dream of, a MULLET! Bastien will be able to choose between “Business” at the front and “Party” at the rear (drop handlebars with MTB cassette).